Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Presbyterians Together

I'm not sure what to make of this. Brothers and fathers I know and respect and some I'm concerned about are signatories to this document. Faith seeking understanding should also seek to preserve the brotherhood and not do what Lovelace has indicted us for:

“….the Evangelicalism which claims to be a reformed continuation of the Puritan and Pietist traditions has also imperfectly realized the balance between the Word and Spirit. Some areas within it are heir to the apparently congenital illnesses of former orthodoxies: confessionalism, polemic self-righteousness, the twin opposing plagues of irrational enthusiasm and allergy to Christian experience, preaching which is spiritually and socially irrelevant, neglect of sanctification, and consecration of the status quo. In some instances doctrinal fidelity has been given such primacy over spiritual reality that those with the wrong system or the wrong theory of inspiration have been read out of the kingdom as worshipers of a false and unbiblical Christ. Dynamics of Spiritual Life, p. 281-282.

I'm seeking to be a peacemaker and an accurate expositor of the Word, my culture, and my brothers. Hard to balance.

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Clarkie said...

Thanks for alerting me to this. There are some wonderful, godly men on this list I also deeply respect.

I will have to ponder through this before I respond too quickly. My first impression is a humility that I have not always seen in reformation circles.

Such a challenge to have minds for truth and hearts for God.(not that these are separated areas rather distinguished- mind, will, emotions.)