Friday, June 09, 2006

Paul Tripp, teaching us through weakness

Many of us have appreciated Paul Tripp in his teaching and writing. He models a gracious confidence in the Scriptures and their power to transform our stubborn sinfulness. He now models gracious weakness as he watches his daughter recover from a terrible accident.

"I don't know when I have felt more helpless as a father. I wanted to remove her pain. I wanted to dispel the mystery. I wanted to make everything okay again. I wanted to see that glisten in her eye and that Nikki smile. I wanted to be God, but I was stuck with being Paul."As a wounded healer, he is stuck being Paul, unable to play God. Praise God for you brother. As your colleague David taught recently: I don't want to know God as much as I want to be God. Thank you for teaching us in your co-sufferings with your daughter.May grace and peace be multiplied to you and your family.


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