Tuesday, May 15, 2007

10 years, 2 countries, 4 houses, 4 kids later

Our 10th anniversary is coming up. I'm reflecting on things more at this milestone, and also feeling the weight of daily parenting, not so much in "let's not screw them up too bad," but in enjoying their uniqueness and wildness sense. We were joking in the car yesterday that my temptation early on as a dad was to dis-engage (depressing events at work/church turned me into a relational zombie). My temptation now is to over engage, asking "Who's hitting the wall? What are you doing? Are you hitting each other?" All dumb questions with 4 boys and a dog in the house. I should just lower the red alert threshold a bit and anticipate total replacement of the drywall in 5+ years and enjoy them in the little (and enraging) moments along the way.

To my wife and to my kids I dedicate the following video, by viral video/internet music star Jonathan Coulton (warning: mild swearing in intro):

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