Thursday, August 23, 2007

Does Doctrine make us better Disciples or intellectual, combative Dorks?

I think Kevin Vanhoozer shows the beauty and utility of Doctrine for Discipleship:

"Doctrine gives direction to disciples on the way. Is this direction a matter of metaphysics or morality? It is both; the way of wisdom transcends the dichotomy between a merely theoretical metaphysics and a merely practical morality. The directive theory of doctrine thus requires some reference to reality - call it 'theodramatic correspondence' or 'theodramatic realism' - where reality is defined not merely in terms of God's triune being-in-act. Theology aims at promoting theodramatic correspondence: a way of speaking, thinking and living that is not only 'according to the Scriptures' but a way that is 'according' to the real - God's creative, communicative and recreative activity, as revealed in the history of Jesus Christ."

p. 50, "Once More into the Borderlands: The Way of Wisdom in Philosophy and Theology after the 'Turn to Drama'" in Transcending Boundaries in Philosophy and Theology: Reason Meaning, and Experience ed. Kevin Vanhoozer and Martin Warner, Ashgate Publishing, 2007.


Bill Reichart said...

good quote, I have been thinking a lot of back to CNN - watching God Warriors.

Bill, from ProvocativeChurch

RevGoT said...


Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the tip on the CNN show. I was able to catch the beginning of it. Amanpour did a pretty good job stifling any mockery of the Right.

Have a great week of ministry.


pilgrim said...

Those who put down doctrine should read that and realize that they too have doctrrine, whether they care to admit it or not. they may not have defined it--but they have it. Why else do they believe what they believe or act as they do?

How we use our doctrine is where problems could arise.