Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Reason for No Posts Recently

The short answer of why I haven't posted recently is this picture. My buddy John Ferguson is coming to Calgary as a church planter based out of our church as a member of our Session. The basement project I've been mentioning was so John and his wife and 5 kids could stay with us during his candidating and approval by Presbytery and the celebration of our church's 20th anniversary.

We're calling our partnership

We have a new tagline: "Renewed by the Hope of All Things New"

It is our contention based on Isaiah and Revelation and 2 Cor 5 that God wants his new creatures to view their neighbours, themselves, and their cities as the object of God's great goal: a new heavens and a new earth populated by renewed people. We aren't twiddling our thumbs until kingdom come, but being reconciliation ambassadors and agents for God's sake and the city's sake.

Our influences for this project are many:
Congress for New Urbanism (for a Christian vision shaped by this see Eric O. Jacobsen's Sidewalks in the Kingdom or the work of Comment Magazine
Tim Keller on how to be a church for the city
Thomas Chalmers on how the Gospel impacts the unchurched in the parish
A glorious gospel vision sometimes called "postmillenialism", popularized by R.C. Sproul, Gary DeMar (Paradise Restored), and Keith Mathisen
A love for Calgary, a beautiful city that is rich in culture, economic bounty, and natural beauty.


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RevGoT said...

Thanks Gideon! My wife was giving me a hard time because we didn't ask you guys permission to use the name. We are excited about the common vision for truly local incarnations of kingdom living Christians and seekers.

We're praising God for the great weekend you guys had last week.