Saturday, May 27, 2006

Worship Matters: How Do We Grow in Physical Expressiveness? Pt. 4

Bob Kauflin has been doing a wonderful series on Physical expressiveness in worship.

As one of 2 or 3 people that raises their hands in our traditional, Presbyterian/Reformed church, I am enjoying a freedom not felt before, mainly because I'm feeling a joy in the Gospel that has been formerly intellectual and emotionally restrained.Before you freak out and wonder if I'm going, you know, charismatic, ask yourself Kauflin's key question:"Our bodies naturally reflect what affects us. I cringe when a glass of milk is about to be knocked over; I open my arms wide as my daughter runs to greet me; I jump up from the couch with my hands upraised when my team scores the winning goal; I gratefully applaud unselfish acts of service; I cry when a friend’s child dies. Is the church the only place where our bodies can’t express what our minds are comprehending and our hearts are feeling?"


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