Monday, May 22, 2006

Young Calvinist's Disease (HT: Worship Matters)

As one terribly guilty of the abuse of grace in the throes of rapture over the rediscovery of grace through Reformed Theology/Calvinism this quote captures the problem. We can talk abou the solution later!

Thanks to Bob Kauflin for this lost quote from Isaac Watts

Some persons, as soon as they begin to find farther light dawning upon their minds, and are let into the knowledge of some doctrine or sentiment which they knew not before, immediately set their zeal to work: their zeal is all in a flame to propagate and promote this new lesson of truth, before their own hearts are well established in it upon solid reasoning, and before they have considered whether it be a doctrine of great importance, and whether it merit such a degree of zeal. How common a case is it among ministers of the gospel, to give a loose to their affections at the first glimpse of some pleasing opinion, or some fresh discovery of what they call truth? They help out the weakness of the proof by strength of their passions, and by the pleasure they take in the opinion they have embraced. This confirms their assent too soon, and they grow deaf to the arguments that are brought to oppose it. They construe every text in the scripture to support this doctrine, they bring in the prophets and apostles to maintain it. They fancy they see it in a thousand verses of their Bibles, and they pronounce all men heretics that dare maintain the contrary opinions. Their conduct in this matter is so vehement, as though every gleam of light were sufficient to determine their faith, because it happens to fire their affections; they grow so warm about it, as though every opinion in religion were fundamental; and so fiery is their zeal, as though every mistake deserved the severest censures.


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