Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Goldsworthy book

The kind folks over at Beginning with Moses have alerted us to the latest contribution of Graeme Goldsworthy to the Biblical Theology movement. This is very exciting as his usual clarity producing scholarship is now focused on how the Gospel is the hermeneutical key to the Scriptures. This is a far cry to the dispensationalism of my youth which made reading the 70 weeks the key to the Scriptures. Thanks be to God for Christ our indescribable gift!!

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pilgrim said...

"...the Gospel is the hermeneutical key to the Scriptures."

Next you'll say we should inerpret the diffeicult passages in light of the plain ones, and not make the plain ones obscure...

Too bad tone of voice doen't come through when you type. Looks like a good book.