Saturday, December 16, 2006

Education for a digital age

My friend over at Rotundus has been taking some courses over at Biblical Training.

The courses are taught by some of the big, and smaller, guns of Reformed and Conservative Evangelical Theology. One class called Practical Theology by John Piper looks well worth the effort (if I only had the time!)

Mr. Rotundus has wondered aloud what the value of a seminary (or unseminary) educated computer scientist would be. I think it would have the same value as the Puritans espoused: a man walking behind the plow knowing his Bible, knowing his God, and worshiping his king. It makes one a better worker (since you begin to see God as the only boss worth pleasing), more motivated (his glory is our object), and keeps our handle on the word fresh. All to say, don't go off to seminary, but get filled up with all the good things God has for you in Christ, through the word, through free tools!!

1 comment: said...

The practical theology class isn't really so much a class as a collection of groups of lectures on various topics. There's not really a strong connection between the different groups, so if you're interested you could just tackle a few of the many sections. It took quite a while to listen to the whole thing.

Education I see as a good thing, but the bill that seminary would involve (and the extra time required to complete it) makes me think that a seminary degree is not in my future. There's definitely no end to stuff to study though...