Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Have we seen a Wilberforce in the last 200 years?

The answer to the question could be (tongue in cheek)

Bono, but maybe you just think he's a singer and a talker whose glasses and mouth and audacity open doors and open minds.

Bill Gates - His money walks and talks and works. But he's really rich, so he must be really wicked. Plus he's a nerd.

Rick Warren - He's a preacher, but he talks about AIDS in church, so he can't be a good advocate for Christians to be engaged in meaty issues. Plus he wears Hawaiian shirts.

But a little guy you don't hear about much is Gary Haugen, whose organization called International Justice Mission is rescuing girls from sex slavery, attending hearings of genocide trials, and advocating for a gospel that engages the bloody mess.

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