Thursday, April 05, 2007

Intelligent Design, Evolution, and Alchemy

I'm going to be hanging out with my father-in-law this week and attending a conference where he'll be offering the Creationist perspective to folks through books and pamphlets. We have great discussions about creation, intelligent design, and presenting the Gospel to people who are quite fuzzy on the Creator much less on how, when, how long, etc he created.

Over at a philsophy list I'm a member of someone posted an article by William Dembski that is quite excellent. He points out how both evolution and alchemy are more concerned with metaphysics than physics. His cartoon illustrations are helpful too.

As pilgrim found out, the lurkers come out when you post on evolution. Here they come!


pilgrim said...

Actually the post with all the comments on it by the evolutionist had nothing to do with evolution or creation--well not at first.

Olorin said...

Dembski's paper would be more accurate if you substitute "intelligent design" for "evolution." Psychologists know this phenomenon as "projection."

Sidney Harris' cartoons are still under copyright. They are available for paid license at Demski's paper did not note any permission for his use of them.

ROD said...

There seems to be such a rift between intelligent designers and young earth creationists. Can we agree that God did it and get the details after we die?