Thursday, April 12, 2007

We are hot!!


Aren't we a hot couple? We were a hot couple on this day. This was August 2003 in Livermore, California at Wente Vineyards. It was 100 flipping degrees, no joke, that day. It was an exciting day to see our friends Bobby (fellow homebrewer) and Julie (documentary queen) get married. Son #1 was also a ring bearer. It was quite nervewracking to see a two year old careening back and forth down an aisle the length of a football field. We were stifling our urges to run down the aisle after him to keep him on track, but he made it!!

The one interesting thing about the heat was that most of the guests were seated under nice umbrellas during the reception. Except the fair skinned red headed bride and the Lutheran padre all done up in classic black, dog collar included.

We all lived to tell the tale. (Check out Wente wines. They're good!)

(Oh, and Nan you look great in this picture. You'll probably shriek from the next room and then sock me in the arm, but I like you in this picture. I like you. I love you. Don't hurt me!)
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Nan said...

You know me too well. I sat here and the first thing I said was, "HEY!! You put a FAT picture of me!" (Thanks for making it a small picture though... it makes my imperfections slightly more microscopic." ;^P

I love you too... now what provoked this.

Oh and for the record, it was actually 103! LOL!

pilgrim said...

Hey---where'e the suit jacket?

I was best man for a wedding that was about that hot & high humidity.
Fun stuff.

Clarkie said...

Definitely steamin'

You two are my heroes, seriously I enjoy your blogs.


Corrie said...

Hey Shawn,
It was flippin hot that day.I had built up California to Rick as the place with the perfect climate..He was wearing long sleeves at the wedding too! Haha. I'll have to get him to read this. And Nan, that's a great picture of you!!!!
You guys crack me up!

Shawn said...

Hey Corrie!

That was the last joint wedding we were all at. Your wedding was warm too, but only walking to the car! Oh and when we were blushing about the groomsmens stories about the National Geographics. Our air conditioner went out that weekend in Georgetown if I recall. Oh the joy of South Texas summers!

Corrie said...

Good grief, you have a mind like a steel trap! I was hoping that everyone had blocked out the National Geographic part of Ross's toast...maybe we should have served alcohol. LOL.