Friday, May 04, 2007

Toys of my childhood meme

My dear blogaholic wife tagged me and nagged me to blog about my childhood toys.

My favourite is this one:

Joe has stubbly crew cut hair, plastic speedos, and the coup de grace, lifelike flexible rubber fingers, complete with manly veined hands. Mom made some tacky green leisure suits for when Joe was engaged in more peaceful pursuits like attending the local bible study or walking old ladies across the street.

Perhaps the '70's could be renamed "The Age of Synthetics". While I played with my foam athletic gear, I was wearing Garananimal's and Toughskins, all made of polyester. There was enough carbon based, pollutant heavy, evil oil business supporting materials on the average 5 year old to raise global temperature by 1 degree. Take that Al Gore!! And somehow we slept the sleep of the righteous.


Nan said...

YOU are funny. Trust me. I know funny and you are it.

Thanks for playing!

Corrie said...

Your mom actually sewed clothes for GI JOE??? Wow, that deserves an award...and I'm sure Joe went to lots of Bible studies. =)